Should I… *True Story

31 01 2010

My mom bought a cockroach trap after I saw a cockroach and freaked out.  It’s a simple box, with poisonous yet incredibly tasty food in the middle and an impossibly sticky base. So it’s a double kill. If the cockroach doesn’t get glued, he/she eats the food and dies from bloated symptoms.

What we didn’t foresee was that other creatures might have found it extremely tasty too.

I woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.

No, that’s not right. I was up in the morning to take my morning relief in the bathroom, when I saw something inside the trap. Feeling satisfied that a roach had fallen for it, I picked it up. It wasn’t a six-legged pest.

It was a lizard.

Lizards crawl with their bellies and practically every part of their lower body on the floor. So it happened to sniff something delicious and made its way across the glued path.

It was totally stuck. And still alive.

Me and dad set about trying to free it. It was scared, alright. We could see it’s heart beating like a loaded SMG through it’s opaque skin. No avail. Mom’s roach killer was flawlessly deadly.

Fortunately, there was one thing we could do. Glue unsticks slightlywith water. So dad rushed to get a glass of water. We dipped the cardboard with the lizard into the water(much to the lizard’s displeasure) and slowly tore off the glue.

It was finally free. I laughed at my dad.

“It probably thinks we’re trying to torture it before it dies la, dad.”  That’s when dad shook his head. And maybe it was the power of the mind, but when we placed the lizard on a nice spot to climb, it turned about and stared at us. One eye on one side for me, another eye for dad. Could’ve sworn it was saying thanks. It observed for a few seconds, then left.

Bye, lizard. =)




2 responses

2 02 2010

Haha, I know that trap! Very cunning con-trap-tion (teehee!), if I was a cockroach I’d be a goner; I’m a sucker for things like that.

5 02 2010

Hey no fair! I laugh at your lame jokes. But you just shake your head like I’m a cock-roach! Get it? I’m a cock. Roach. =D

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