25 02 2010

Why do you guys have to be such bitches?

You gotta understand, even with your stupid brains, that while you get to chum up with your friends and have a good time discussing stuff, prefects have to approach you to get a damn signature to prove that this gathering actually happened. Just one scribble on a damn book.

Why can’t you just give it?

Instead, you’re wasting your own beloved groupie time by telling me about how annoyed you are at me interrupting. For God’s sake, haven’t you gone through this? Just shut up and sign. As a damn prefect, when you complain about meanless, idiotic crap, I have to fucking smile and laugh it off as a joke and spit out shit like, “Oh, I’m sorry, guys. I’m just doing my job. Nothing personal.” We face this bullshit everytime we get on duty.

Think logically, you idiot. You’re not going to wreck the place up by just sitting down to talk, right? What do you mean, “What if this place burns down?”? Damn, the bitch in your voice when you said, “Are you gonna blame us?” pissed me off.

Is it that hard? Am I sending you some sort of fine or something? Why am I being a damn nice guy, anyway? I’ll just tell you to hand over the fucking autograph from you celebrities and take off. You prefer it that way, right?

What’re you gonna tell me now? That you were joking? And I’m being an ass?

I wanted to talk about this for a long time. Prefects are undergraded. That ticks me off.


Souled Out

18 02 2010

That was mom’s rose. Received it at school on a hot day reaching 40 degrees Celcius, and I was convinced it’d turn black before I could get it to mom in decent shape. In desperation, I snatched Shaun’s bottle and, ignoring the weird look on his face, stashed the rose into the bottle.

The thing was, if I got back home after school, no problems. But I had to stay back at school, and go for a tuition later. So I just kept muttering prayers under my breath.

“Don die la don die la don die la please don die la…”

Miraculously, it looked just a bit wilted. And after giving the rose to a delighted mom, she set to work with it and it’s great.

But the day after that, we left for Taiping, Perak. When I came back, it officially died.



I had this uncle who can play anything as long as he held a guitar. Too bad he smoked alot. Passed away when I was eleven. But he was a legend at Taiping. Although it’s just a small town. Recently I wondered where his guitars went, and I always wondered what was hidden inside the storeroom at the top of my uncle’s house.

With permission, I went in and uncovered his Gibson Les Paul Custom.

… Damn! I mean, it’s so nice. I never held one in my hands. Too bad it’s not for sale. But it’s beautiful. Needs a polish and a new set of strings, and voila.

Life takes another month away from me soon.

Exams coming, not ready yet. I hope everyone else isn’t. Then the statistics will look easier to handle. Pray…

I spent most of my time with my niece, actually. Teehee.

Children make the best pictures, unsoiled by buried feelings and mixed problems.

To be them again… Ah.


6 02 2010

Me, mom and dad went for Pepsi’s Revved Up Party down at Sunway’s Ministry of Sound. Amazing. And we got to sit and chat with the funny guys, like JJ, Ean and Pop Shuvit. Some Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idols were there too. Real cool. 


Best thing is, they’re all like us. Normal humans. Woot!


 Moose, from Shuvit. Sorry. Dunno how to spell it.


Had a great time. Love you guys.

I’ll play for you. Just for you.


5 02 2010

We were wrong, and we admit.
Perhaps we deserve to go to jail.

Perhaps you’re stressed and unhappy because we don’t thank you.

Perhaps it’s really fair to have a vote on who doesn’t want EST on their SPM list against all the students who take EST.

I’ll be real simple.

In Marcus’ peace-loving ways, God bless Teh Seok Im, and I pray she finds enlightenment in the Dharma(she’s Buddhist.)

Teenagers are influenced by their emotions. Now, that I cooled down, I don’t give a damn no more.