5 02 2010

We were wrong, and we admit.
Perhaps we deserve to go to jail.

Perhaps you’re stressed and unhappy because we don’t thank you.

Perhaps it’s really fair to have a vote on who doesn’t want EST on their SPM list against all the students who take EST.

I’ll be real simple.

In Marcus’ peace-loving ways, God bless Teh Seok Im, and I pray she finds enlightenment in the Dharma(she’s Buddhist.)

Teenagers are influenced by their emotions. Now, that I cooled down, I don’t give a damn no more.




2 responses

5 02 2010

I just looove the part where she said that we didn’t thank her for building such a nice basketball court . It was really the perfect court, other than the lack of hoops.
Gawd knows I hate the woman’s guts.

6 02 2010

Haha. Well, I’m chilled now. =D

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