Souled Out

18 02 2010

That was mom’s rose. Received it at school on a hot day reaching 40 degrees Celcius, and I was convinced it’d turn black before I could get it to mom in decent shape. In desperation, I snatched Shaun’s bottle and, ignoring the weird look on his face, stashed the rose into the bottle.

The thing was, if I got back home after school, no problems. But I had to stay back at school, and go for a tuition later. So I just kept muttering prayers under my breath.

“Don die la don die la don die la please don die la…”

Miraculously, it looked just a bit wilted. And after giving the rose to a delighted mom, she set to work with it and it’s great.

But the day after that, we left for Taiping, Perak. When I came back, it officially died.



I had this uncle who can play anything as long as he held a guitar. Too bad he smoked alot. Passed away when I was eleven. But he was a legend at Taiping. Although it’s just a small town. Recently I wondered where his guitars went, and I always wondered what was hidden inside the storeroom at the top of my uncle’s house.

With permission, I went in and uncovered his Gibson Les Paul Custom.

… Damn! I mean, it’s so nice. I never held one in my hands. Too bad it’s not for sale. But it’s beautiful. Needs a polish and a new set of strings, and voila.

Life takes another month away from me soon.

Exams coming, not ready yet. I hope everyone else isn’t. Then the statistics will look easier to handle. Pray…

I spent most of my time with my niece, actually. Teehee.

Children make the best pictures, unsoiled by buried feelings and mixed problems.

To be them again… Ah.




2 responses

19 02 2010

Oh my!!
All the pictures of this post is beautiful, seriously!

Browsing through blogs and these gorgeous definitely made my night : )

19 02 2010

Thanks alot =) although the pic of my niece was my dad’s work. he’s real good. happy cny! =D

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