Planning Backwards.

14 03 2010

Scouts was real good. I felt happy about my achievements I made during recruit camp.

But, I really find it a tiny bit amusing that I got an award when my fellow scouts were form 1s. I mean, from a happy-go-lucky teen to a crazy, reckless kid, who’d you pick?

But I’m so honored. The devotion to scouts deepens. Thanks, Kelly, Zhen Ni, the whole commitee. Thanks!

Sorry I haven’t updated much. I know how Zach feels now. When you start having photos in your blog, the absence of a photo cuts off your inspiration to blog.

So I’ll just paste something up here.

I love Mrs. Yamaha. She’s still with me. First guitar, and first friend who introduced me to music. Play on, sista.


Chris :”Gone were the days when I could entertain myself by looking at clouds all day.”

Nick :”Well, not for me.”

Chris :”Huh?”




4 responses

14 03 2010


one day, i too will learn the joy of implementing them alongside my words.

maybe. lol

15 03 2010

once you start, you can’t really stop. haha

15 03 2010

I can still look at the clouds the whole day and feel at peace with the world. And I’m not just saying that. Heh.

16 03 2010

Yeah. My friend was the “gone were the days guy.” I was the “I still do.” haha =)

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