Love Story.

20 03 2010

He was a guard, a trainee soldier. She was a princess. And that was all that made them unable to be together intimately. Alyss kept this picture of Dodge beside her bed and looked at it everyday. It was a picture of a seven-year-old Dodge kissing baby Alyss on her cheek. It embarrassed Dodge as a soldier, so Alyss teased him by showing it to him often. Six years later, their relationship matured.

He waited in the playroom, and Alyss entered, breathless from the tea party. It was her birthday, and the tea party was amazingly huge.

She had wondered why Dodge had been absent throughout the whole morning. It seemed he was here waiting all along.

“Why weren’t you there with me?” she pouted, hands on her waist. Dodge bowed.
“I refuse to forget that you are a princess, and a soldier would seem awkwardly placed beside her, Princess.”
“Don’t call me that. It’s Alyss,” she said.
“Yes, Princess.” A small smile curved his lips. Alyss glared at him. She looked around. “Are you having any military exercises lately?”

“None lately.”
“Then I have a new exercise for you. We’re at a tea party. There’s food and music, and you pull me in to dance.” She held out her hand. The magical Music Flower, perking up at the word ‘dance’, started playing the sweetest music ever.

Dodge hesitated. His father would kill him. But…

Dodge pulled her close and put his hand on her waist, and slowly moved around the room. The background music played softly. She was so close to him. He could feel her breath on his cheek. He smelled the scent, a soothing, light scent of flowers. Did all girls have this scent, or just her?

Dodge made a weak attempt to pull away. “This isn’t a military exercise.” It was so tempting. The feel of her slender waist under his skin was crazy.

“Just listen. As we dance, dark shadows appear. It’s an ambush. Will you protect me?”
“You know I will, Alyss.” He didn’t want to pull away, but he did, brandishing his sword, slashing at the imaginary darkness around.

“You plunge your sword into the heart of evil darkness, and it disappears.” Dodge made a show as he stabbed into the air, pausing for effect.

“They’re gone,” narrated Alyss. “But I’m shaken by what happened.” She looked at Dodge. He was so… everything. “You take me in your arms to soothe me.”

This time there was no hesitation. Dodge held her tight, then looked at her. Gradually, they started dancing again. His arms were around her back, her head on his chest. They were so young. It was such a sweet feeling.

“Will you be my king, Dodge?”
“If it’s your wish, Princess.” They closed in on each other, their breathing becoming heavier.

“Dodge! Patrol the corridors for me, will you?” Dodge pulled away, staring at the source of his father, Sir Justice’s voice.

“Yes, sir!” He looked at Alyss one more time, then left hurriedly.

Alyss smiled. That was her Dodge.

P.s. Thanks, Jian.




15 responses

20 03 2010
Chun Yang

Hey, nice story. Part of the intruder story? Write more, you’re good at it.

21 03 2010

hey, thanks. nah. it’s just inspiration from a really interesting book i got. =)

20 03 2010

+10 !

21 03 2010

haha. thanks alot! =) thanks for reading, too. heh

21 03 2010

Never agreed. Just don’t want more conflict aite? Btw I noticed you like writing these little stories about little people involved with surreal things that only happen in movies and stories; where do you get all that and why?

21 03 2010

i… i do? ._. it’s just a really sweet story, so i thought i’d put it here. haha. and where do i get it? I dunno. hormones? that make me wanna get into a situation like that, i suppose. =)

22 03 2010
Chun Yang

haha, it’s fun even though its cliche. they’re great and nice to read

22 03 2010

haha Nick banyak kena puji 🙂

26 03 2010

haha! it’s nothing la. but thanks for the review, guys. you and chun yang. =)

23 03 2010
Chun Yang

Of course, he’s the man when it comes to love, right Nick?

25 03 2010
Kay Li

Hey, congrats, you got the best for the keahlian exam. I saw your name on the very top. =)

26 03 2010

haha. thanks. but the main thing is to pass, right? =) so it’s not biggie

26 03 2010

True. I think we still have ropes exam tho. I think i’ve forgotten em. O.o

27 03 2010

hohohohohohohohohonicktopscorersiut 🙂 cheywahh 🙂

27 03 2010

it’s really nothing >< stop it lol

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