Dreaming Of A Beautiful Day

24 04 2010


The guy who washes my mom’s car everyday. Real nice guy.

One car washed is twenty bucks a week. Let’s say wash a hundred cars a week. That’s two thousand. Multiply by four weeks.

The guy ain’t poor. Note, car washers ain’t got income taxes. Wanna be one? You’ll get tanned too. Although you aren’t fair like I am. =)

Sorry I haven’t updated. I’m back in the blogosphere. That how you spell it?


When you’re afraid of looking stupid, that’s when you start getting stupid.


P.s. I’m sorry.


Off The Railroad.

4 04 2010

Railroad at Taiping, Perak.

I nearly got off track in my life, brooding about garbage like dates and angsty typicality. Pretty soon I got really awkward around people and all. So now I’m back. Whew. And I realized just how useful a timetable is at home as well as school (maybe in school not so).

Sorry for not updating. Anyway, with limited online time, I barely manage one post a week. Hopefully ye faithful readers come back for more =)

I had my first practice session with a group of friends aiming to give a blast to Leo IU, and they’re pretty much a nice group to music around with. I think (pray) we can make it through the auditions. Just three practice sessions. Kinda stressful. Sigh…

Missing Kenneth definitely ain’t our band name. We need a real one!

Keep Growing.