Horror House.

29 05 2010

Shaun walked around the funfair. This was his first time, and these things really didn’t click with him. But, he did want to avoid studying Chemistry all night again. He plucked a brochure from the Info Tent and surveyed the map. Apparently, there was an amazingly horrying horror house- “Drives even the oldest woman nuts!” Feeling that the day wasn’t a total waste after all, Shaun set off.

He stared at the sign above. Originally, it must have spelt HORROR HOUSE, in glowing neon lights.

Unfortunately, the lights for the last three letters of HORROR were gone, and some thug sprayed a “W” in front of HORROR.


Shaun looked at the brochure. Then he looked up again.

“This ain’t right.”

P.s.: There you go, buddy. Enjoy Langkawi. =)


Return After Yesterday(Dear Tomorrow)

29 05 2010

Coastals of Malaysia's Curves.

I’m coming back. For real. Please keep on reading this blog, guys. =)

Five days.