2,000,000 Posts For Press, 2,000 Reads For Me.

19 06 2010

When WordPress finally achieved 2,000,000 posts on their network, thanks to our bloggers in this really cool website, I noticed the number of hits my blog possesses finally hit 2,000+.

It’s a really nice feeling to know that some people in our circle of friends actually want to flip through our blogs every now and then. To those of you who do that, thank you. A sincere thank you from us bloggers. Keep on reading! =)

I end it here. Cause I’m undergoing depression over the ever coming SPM.

Not mentally ready. Have to prepare my mind now.Rain, rain….



18 06 2010

Morinda citrifolia

Morinda citrifolia

(Great morinda, Cheese fruit, Noni)

FAMILY Rubiaceae
Species Morinda citrifolia
Common name (s) Great morinda, Cheese fruit, Noni
Flower colour; life form White; small tree, shrub
Campus Townsville


This small tree or shrub has dark green glossy leaves that are opposite to one another and a large stipule runs across the angular stem between the base of the petioles. The fragrant, white flowers are densely packed together and their bases or the floral tubes are fused. This compound structure develops into an irregularly-shaped fleshy fruit rather like a pale potato with numerous eyes. At maturity the fruit are whitish to cream and have a strong odour when ripe. This odour has been likened to strong cheese. Although the fruit is high in vitamin C it is not very palatable unless processed. Leaf extracts have been used for treating headaches and the dye Turkey red is extracted from the bark.

For the non-believers. =)

Average Sardonic Socials Have Over-Learned Ecomomics.

15 06 2010

This just doesn’t feel right. But it’s a nice picture. =)

Meet Jim. My partner in my group I’m being a staff for. Nice guy. It’s cool to actually meet some of those environmentalists you see in National Geographic and such.

School starts in a jiffy, I have not caught up with all the things I missed from the outside world when at camp, and I’ve got outings planned every day of this week. Hectic.

When I look back, I don’t have a clear idea what I actually supplied to Yuber besides positive energy. I was just that guy getting everyone laughing at after a lame joke. Was I really worth a staff member?

I guess the energy was important.

I think David looks great in this pic. Get him to wear a Bond outfit, give one of those David smirks, and continue getting good grades. He’s a chick magnet, and a success. Leader.

Night, blog. =)

P.s. List down the first letters of every word on the title. Then spell it.

Angelina. You There?

14 06 2010

I’m back. With tons of pictures. 263 exactly, taken with a digital. I gotta admit, a waterproof camera is so so efficient =D

Anyway, I have resurfaced(pun related to pic above) back into the blogosphere. Finally, Internet’s back, I’m free, and there’re pictures to blog about.

Kudos to Greg Evans for allowing me back into Yuber as a staff, and I quote Brad. “We’re in the room with one of the greatest people to walk this Earth.” Honestly, thanks, Greg. And the reast of the staff who helped out.

Cheese is a fruit.

Be back soon =)

Off To Camp.

7 06 2010

In twelve hours, I’ll be on the way to camp. Before I leave, I wanna send a few messages.

Firstly, to Jian, Seng Kiat, Kai Lun, Jin Shern and Jit Qi. We had a nice a jamming session. Thanks alot for, as Jin would put it, “making it the highlight #1 of our holidays so far”. Ha ha. Let’s do it again sometime. With Justin, Shaun and a few others.

Secondly, to Justin. …Done.

Thirdly, to Annei aka Yuvanesh. Happy birthday, buddy. I love you. =)

Fourthly, to my accounts teacher, Madam Chan. I’ll be working it from now on. Sorry. And thank you.

Fifth, and last.

Sorry, mom. I love you. And I’ll see you with a big smile after camp. I really love you. =) I dont wanna stretch this too much, might sound indulgent. This is a public blog, after all. Still, thanks, mom.

Ciauz, see you on Monday, blog.

P.s. If everything goes well between me and Zach, I might finally have a nice electric guitar.

Great Regret

6 06 2010

It’s real unfortunate that the moment I vowed to continue blogging, my Internet got busted. Damn…
Anyway, the exams are over, and so are the study periods, but I’m already bored of the holidays. Unless we get together to jam once a day on the second week of hols, I’ll probably bleed boredom.

As for the first week, I’ll be part of the staff group of Camp Yuber ’10. The number 1 leadership camp of the world. Probably number 12 in our universe.

Which brings us to the end of this short miserable post, for my phone definitely ain’t got enough credit for a long one.

Prefect dinner was a blast, considering we’re a bunch of “Law Abiding Citizens”.