Average Sardonic Socials Have Over-Learned Ecomomics.

15 06 2010

This just doesn’t feel right. But it’s a nice picture. =)

Meet Jim. My partner in my group I’m being a staff for. Nice guy. It’s cool to actually meet some of those environmentalists you see in National Geographic and such.

School starts in a jiffy, I have not caught up with all the things I missed from the outside world when at camp, and I’ve got outings planned every day of this week. Hectic.

When I look back, I don’t have a clear idea what I actually supplied to Yuber besides positive energy. I was just that guy getting everyone laughing at after a lame joke. Was I really worth a staff member?

I guess the energy was important.

I think David looks great in this pic. Get him to wear a Bond outfit, give one of those David smirks, and continue getting good grades. He’s a chick magnet, and a success. Leader.

Night, blog. =)

P.s. List down the first letters of every word on the title. Then spell it.




One response

22 06 2010
Amanda =DD

Anyway, David should see this! And he’ll sure be perasan after that. XD

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