Blogging At A Gym

17 07 2010

… This is so… Sad.

I can’t even get to upload photos onto the blog, cause I’m on my mom’s laptop, in the middle of the most facilitated gyms, Fitness First, complete with swimming pool. But no pictures, so I’m kinda lost.

Thank God I realized I’ll just grab some pleasant looking photos from my Facebook album. Maybe a picture of me choking for breath under a riveer(small, safe stream).


Anyway, once again, I’ll reserve a part of this post for reflections, serious talk, etc.

Damn. I stopped typing here awhile to find photos on Facebook, then this laptop says I don’t have to correct program to open or move the files. Bummer. Another no photo post. Sorry guys.

Right. I proclaim this week as Religion Inquiry Week, or, to be more specific, and so I don’t need to refer to Christianity as religion, Christianity Inquiry Week. Got a nice ring to it.

I asked question that have been bothering me, and restricting me from joining my friends in Christianity. Unfortunately, I have too many. I doubt religion will play a big part in my life. Believe in God, be good in life. My story.

Anyway, here’re some questions, the harder ones I asked Liesl and Ian. You can answer in my comment box, any of you who want to share. I only hope you don’t compare me to a Pharisee or something :/ And I hope this’ll help you with your faith. =)

Is God omnipotent? Yes.

Is he all-knowing? Yes.

Is Satan all-knowing, or omnipotent? No.

Why did God not destroy Satan, right after Satan fell? As an all-knower, he ought to Know Satan was about to promise the presence of Sin in every human.

What are your views on gays not going to Heaven? Agree? Disagree? And why. My personal answer is I disagree that gays are denied access?

If your answer for Question 1 was that God loved Satan, and refused to destroy him, did God realize that all humans who sinned would be “destroyed” if he threw Satan ibnto the “lake of fire” after satan wrecked havoc?

What are your views on the Book Of Job? What do you think about the challenges God allowed Satan to put through Job?

I never had such a… well, it’s a different posting from what I normally do. Anyways, please do comment. Once again, I don’t mean any offence. Let’s have a nice debate on this.

See you, buddy. =)

He sat against a tree. The newspaper headlines read: Young Boy’s Body Found In Drain. And under that: Murdered right after ransom paid.

He rubbed his head, as if a migraine just hit. In fact, he was having a migraine. That boy’s picture. His composite. It was that boy yesterday.

Yesterday, he’d been walking down the road, after a nice row with his mother, who wouldn’t let him drive. Yesterday, he’d been muttering oaths under his breath, shooting dirty looks at anything that looked back. Yesterday, a black car had driven past, and a boy was dragged into it by someone who seemed to be his father. Yesterday, he just stared at the boy, deciding the boy was just a spoilt little brat. A brat.

He was too absorbed in himself, that the world was about him, that nothing really mattered. A boy wouldn’t matter.

No one can help anyone anymore.




4 responses

17 07 2010
Kay Li

Didcha ask Google yet? =)

25 07 2010

i like discussions =D

25 07 2010
Kay Li

Well, i’m not Christian, but i think i read something related to that in Angels and Demons. =)

26 07 2010
Zach Siow

this need to be discussed face to face =) typing out is really hard.

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