24 07 2010

In all the conflicts I’ve amassed from anyone in this world, I formed a new type of motivation to get me through the day: Rebellion. To defy any scathing comments from whoever crosses my way, I drive and drive to achieve the goal, and I feel the pleasure on their faces when I defy them. I love this evil feeling. But evil doesn’t last long; I’ll need a new form of drive to succeed soon.

Shortly before “saving” the fish.

I dunno if this post contradicts with the post below the one below this one, but I’ll remind you guys again, I’m not a pharisee. I’m a busybody, a big nose. Anyway, I attended CF. Must’ve been two years. And on Friday they had more praise and worship than any other day, for some reason.

As a free thinker, when I’m not among them, looking at them weeping in joy and rejoicing in the presence of their Lord is truly, truly amazing. I saw John and Shing Yin up front, absolutely giving themselves in to God, but not forgetting to bring others in as well, guiding the uncertain on a precarious and alien path they wish to test. I saw the musicians, unable to raqise their hands, playing for God, the music beign their voice; Marcus, Emily, Vincent, Zach. 

Then I watched them all, and, believe it or not, sceptical ol’ Nick felt tears going down his cheeks.

Our Christian Fellowship is doing great. And I’m pretty sure the Buddhist and Hindu Societies are really appreciating their religion as well.

There’s so much good in this world.

P.s.: All photos on this blog are mine unless stated so, like the one from Google somewhere down there and this one. It’s from Zach. Sorry mate, I still can’t use my laptop, and my photos are there =)




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