My Pee! It’s Not Stopping!

14 08 2010

Sitting at home, reaching the hours of late night. A mug of self-brewed Milo, with a pinch of Nescafe Alta Rica. Sweet, energising Milo counteracts the symptoms of coffee (e.g. cold sweats, fatigue) and maintains the coffee’s ability to keep one awake. Of course, those who drink coffee as an art’ll shun me. Those trying to study for exams, this is probably interesting to read.

But I’m a bit weird anyway, I still sleep like a pig(sorry, Malays. Especially during puasa) with any amount or concentration of coffee. Not like I’m addicted. The thought of getting yellow teeth scares me.

So with my dad getting high on opera in the room, and my mom out for a reunion dinner, I thought I’d jot something down on this public diary. The irony. Public. Diary. Before blogs, those two words don’t come together as a metaphor.

There’s a cat who got scared by some huge rat (I mean it. They’re as big as cooking woks) and ran to my shoe cupboard for safety. It’s still there, it’s been three days. Tempted to give it some milk. If my mom doesn’t notice, I’ll sneak out.

It’s kinda pretty. =) But the fur on it’s nose is kinda bent to one side. The cat’s driving my dog up the wall (literally).

Have you felt content? These moments, when you’re with a best friend, after running out of stuff to say, or you’re at a beach holding hands with someone who can’t stop thinking about the feeling of your hand, or in my case, alone, stroking my dog with my feet, accumulating accounting knowledge, cup of Milofee in hand, Andy Mckee’s guitar playing in my ears.

At these moments, you get to appreciate the many things in life, the beautiful aspects of it all. Each to their own point of view.

If you get some time to feel content, and just plain happy, it’s enough to get you through a real tiring day.

I was real tired and sick of the way life repeats, and the racial issues always in my head. But tonight, I felt really at peace. Another thing. When you’re with a friend, and silence falls between you, you know you’re close to him or her if you don mind just sitting there acknowledging and appreciating each other’s company. It’s a feeling so good, so pleasant, you could be all smiles for a century. Maybe not.

I haven’t written so long. It’s been awhile. This blog’s like a Pensieve in Harry Potter. Helps dump some thoughts off your head.

Unfortunately, no amount of relaxing can fill that horrible emptiness inside. A black hole, a vacuum. It’s something that doesn’t occur to me until I lay down to sleep.

But hey. Without these emotions, I’d be moping about the never ending, monotonous sequence of life.

Thanks for listening. Next post’ll probably be about food. I know some good ones, now. =)

“Many can’t get by without lying. And will there ever be a permanent truth?” Inquiry 1, Nick’s Diary.