6 09 2010

So I’m all alone at home, and the clouds outside are getting dark with rain. Just finished cooking up lunch three hours ago, leisurely stroking Nat with my feet as she groans and sniffles.

In school, I enjoy spending time with friends and all, so the more active part of me gets satisfied. At home, when my parents are out, the quiet side gets a fill. It’s necessary for every human, I believe. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; sipping drinks with a good friend, sitting on a field after tending to work, or typing down how it feels like on a blog(yours truly).

I want more of this. It’s so calming.

Ace Farewell. Yes, I need to blog about The Party, The Teacher(Anne), and The Class(Thursday 8-10pm).

Yesterday was a great night, and my first ever time Emcee-ing. Gosh D:

Love it.

See you guys round. =)

P.s. I owe you guys a food post. Should I do my version of Garlic Fried Rice, or just plain and simple take away; DURIAN?! =D


He couldn’t help staring. She was daring enough to wear a shoulder-exposing getup. The exposed, smooth, tanned skin kept him distracted for awhile. The rest of her features were just perfect, as usual, whether she was at the lecture hall, or a fine-dining restaurant. The shoulders were terribly captivating, as she cocked her head to one side, making her collarbone look more pronounced.

Daiemn, thought Nick.




4 responses

7 09 2010

i know who you’re talking about in the short story thing! xD …ditto man. i saw a picture

7 09 2010

… *momentarily distracted. yeah i know!!

10 09 2010

is the last part like a story or something?

11 09 2010

yep =)

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