Visiting The Bittergourd

24 09 2010

This is my trip to Kuala Sepetang, an evening’s walk from Taiping (thus earning it’s name in the olden days). It’s near the sea, and famous for its mangrove swamps, and like everywhere in Malaysia, food. =)

I promise I’ll be keeping a constant flow of posts from now on. Except maybe SPM. This is a picture post. I’d choose Compacts for convenience, but the DSLR is so much more satisfying. =)

Beautiful place! =D

Anyway, I’m not going to talking about exams and all. My whole life revolves around studies, so this is the only reprieve I get.

Here’s the post I owe: Bittergourd and egg, served with rice. Incredibly simple!

A whole bittergourd would serve two teens, perhaps. For a single teen, you’d mathematically-ligically need half a bittergourd. Since this was my lunch, this recipe is for half a bittergourd.

Slice them into thin slices. Thick ones take longer to soften, and no one wants bittergourd with that raw taste inside it. Put ’em in a bowl as shown, and add half a Baskin Robbins spoon of sugar inside  and “marinate” it. This reduces the bitterness so it doesn’t make you flinch when you eat.

Put a bit of oil (canola being my preference), and as all dishes, wait for it to heat up. Then stir-fry the bittergourd slices until they become tender.

Leave the gourd at super low heat when it’s softened to your preference, then take out two or three eggs. Crack ’em into a bowl, and add salt/soya sauce to it. Based again on your preference, beat them up before frying or just instantly fry them in with the gourd.

Fry and chop the mixture til your eggs get cooked(I’m assuming you know how to cook basic Chinese scrambled eggs) and serve with white steamed rice. Voila!

Another option. If you prefer the eggs omelette styled, just leave it to stick into an omelette before sticking your spatula inside. =) Lunch is served.

I think I prefer omelette =(

Be back with more =) Ciauz!

P.s.Mosh Pit(Front Row Tickets)

Booya. =)




4 responses

25 09 2010
Jingyi Hiew

Gosh I want the tickets to Adam Lambert’s concert to0!!!! But of course, I could only afford Rock Zone..

Anyways, all the best for trials!! =)

26 09 2010

Haha! If you get them, we can see each other there =D Yeah. You too. =)

27 09 2010
Zach Siow

your dad is very photogenic. and I love the photo of the dead log. you take better stuff than me now. I’m now working with films 😀 one step back.

30 09 2010

hey thanks. really appreciate the comment. and you were one of the people who made me take up photgraphy, so i owe you one, ya know? =)

and my dad likes you now. haha!

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