31 10 2010

Prom’s over. I am immensely tired.

I can’t face Spm.



15 10 2010

He watched her dissolve gently in her tears. She never did that. She always had that solid shield that oozed confidence, and cold indifference, protecting her from any unwanted company. But he knew there was something wrong even before she cried.

Unsure of what to do, he awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into what he hoped was a warm, comforting embrace. In response, he felt her hands gripping the sleeves of his jacket. She started sobbing softly, a horribly saddening sound, inducing unknown sorrow in him.

Gritting his teeth, he held her tighter.

What was wrong?

Glam It Up.

15 10 2010

I’ve met my idol. =D I am satisfied and do not require anymore concerts.

Personally, my favourite photo =) He exuded confidence and sexiness in every song and movement.

I’ll die happy=D

I don’t care if you guys want a relationship, or money, or sex. Whatever it is, it’s gotta be bonded by the beauty of love. -Adam Lambert, Glam Nation Tour 2010.

I Need…

11 10 2010

From now on, I’m gonna write more, less pictures. This ain’t Photobucket.

Cheers. =)

Great guy.

The Concepts Of Total Internal Reflection, And The New Blogger.

10 10 2010

It’s frustrating that Zach Siow precedes me in doing things very simple yet beautiful. He’s a great guy. Great ideas, too. =)

So, I brought another machine along with me besides the MP3 on my daily jog: My Olympus Digital Camera.

There’re plenty of beautiful things around here. It’s just great, though my mind usually blanks out when I jog, so I can’t relate them to life.

Remember this? We sat around here for New Year’s Eve, whoever was there. =)


I also attempted to test the underwater abilities of my camera. Kinda hard to aim, cause when it’s underwater, the camera lens tended to internally reflect.

The upped side’s actually the surface of the water, folks! =D



Sleepiest days of my life lately. Wish something new would happen. Quality check for prom performers were cancelled. Upside, a businaess company hired myband to perform. :/ That’s weird. We’re not even famous enough.

Lastly, I’d like to welcome Lim Jit Qi to the blogosphere. =) It’s really good that we don’t get those typical Chinese blogs around here anymore! It’s turning into something more… Artsy. Quote Chi Leng. =)

Hope it doesn’t look like a eulogy or something. :/


P.s. Anyone feeling lonely? =)

Guys Named Nick.

2 10 2010

Sexy Stats

by Nick

You may have noticed a change to your stat charts a couple of weeks ago. We ditched Flash in place of a more robust charting library called Flot. If you didn’t notice, go check it out because you can view all of the new charts with modern browsers including mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. Sooo sexy! Today we updated the charts to use bars instead of points and lines. We’ve also made the stats page super sexy.

This man is an important part of WordPress, people.

He does sound a bit like me. =D

Taking Time Off.

2 10 2010

We took time off to celebrate Shing Yin’s birthday!

Had a more or less great time thinking up stuff to scribble on the stone I was about to present to her.

Original Canon Lens.

Tamron Super Zoom Lens.

I realized the Super Zoom can’t do close ups at all. So had to switch to Original to get a pic of the stone.



Happy birthday, Princess. =)