Fire At Will.

30 11 2010

Because of you, I can’t write any contradicting or thought-provoking post, cause you’d get upset and stop me from writing it down. Even worse, you’d make me delete it.

Because of you, I don’t sneak onto the com for no apprent reason when the parents are out of the house.

Because of you, I never lost my temper, nor did I bitch about it on this page.

It’s because of you, I’m going through education.

I honestly never gave the tiniest shit about SPM, especially Moral. I worked my ass off, forcing myself to get those good results, thinking why I’m doing this.

Most of us know it: We’re all doing it for you.

I don’t need any of this to get rich. NONE.

But for you, I’m definitely gonna get the straight A’s, and go through the damn education system all over again in college.

I hate Moral. I hate Moral. I hate Moral. I hate it with all the hate I can gather in my tiny, lazy brain which seems to be causing so, so much trouble for my damn life.

You wanna know who you are?

You’re my conscience.


A Birthday Before Slaughter.

21 11 2010

Went for a last dinner with an odd arrangement of friends(on purpose). Turned out to be a great night, and exactly what I wanted: a quiet dinner with people I didn’t spend enough time with, and people I could just talk to forever, and when we shut up, we don’t feel awkward at all.

Mom helpfully reminded me about how I invited William to the first birthday party with a Seafield friend back in Form 1. We go a long way back, ex-librarian. Thanks for coming. =)

I sorely regret not spending time to get to know you in 4Budi, Ken Ric. Great guy, who always seemed so guilty when he replies those Japanese translations late. We won’t be forgetting each other, no sir. =)

Enjoy Genting, Mr. Loh. =) Penang ain’t such a big occasion, eh?

I want you to know, Zach, that your blog influenced alot of my life. It cut back thirty minutes of my time daily just to scroll down those posts. And you’re different, somewhat unusual. You have a strength, something you could potentially be best at, but I’ll leave it to you. Discovery’s the important part of it all. Thanks for joining us, buddy.


I had a very, very happy birthday. =)

I think this marks the end of high school. I berate myself for not treasuring it, and growing up to appreciate it only after PMR. Time plays tricks on us all.

I love you all, especially the form 5s. Whoever’s reading this.

See ya. =)

 I am afraid.

Claire =D

19 11 2010

CG170 Valencia

3.5-4 star rating

Natural color

Round sound

High notes strong

19 frets

Market price Rm400

That scratch on the bottom doesn’t exist. Light illusion, dunno why it’s there. :/

Thanks alot =)


15 11 2010


Somehow it feels as though you’re still here with us, like days when you were in the hospital. Like I just don’t see you that often anymore. Like I’m still waiting upon your arrival back home.

I cried when I read that blog. And she’s truly amazing for recovering and looking on the good side of it all.

“You’re really strong.” That was around a week ago. Weird, how I get this feeling everything I’m saying in this post is inter-related.

Okay, maybe things aren’t as bad it seems. We lost someone, but heaven gained one. That’s the bright side. Trying to be strong, trying. God is good, He’s sustaining us. 🙂


So… tired. I am sharing all emotion from all people. It has drained me. Please let it be over soon. ._.


7 11 2010

So I managed to scrounge some time to manage this blog, although life’s taken on a monotonous tone. It’ll be over soon, though.

My dog’s been great company, always sniffing the window, an obvious sign that she wants me to put her on the study table. =)

Family’s there to support, as well as friends. Thanks, everyone. =)

And someday, we’ll all see each other for another last time. Looking forward to that day, people.

For now, I don’t have many problems. Just bored. Any suggestion to spice life a bit? =D


2 11 2010

Read this knowing that by the time you read it, school’s over and this is the last time we’re seeing each other for a long time, before (for the Form 5s) the final stretch, SPM, and to the rest of my friends, until March, and after that, we might actually lose contact with each other.We may not care for us like we do now.

High school was a mixture of the worst and best things I ever had and experienced. Five years of the memories, the forever-ness of high school, it’s all coming down to this. We’re leaving as big fish, from the river to the sea.

It won’t be the same anymore, friends. We won’t share that closeness, the shit we’ve been through and laughed at later.

For some reason, we can’t just group together with the people we really like and just stay together. Someone would leave. Someone would always leave. Then goodbye again.

But guys, I’m so happy to have people like you that make goodbyes so fucking hard.

Best of luck to all of you, be well, do good work, keep in touch.

I dunno, maybe I’m just easing out the stress for SPM, but leaving school and you guys feels very… hurtful.

Only after prom did I realize that was one of the last farewells, the alumni of Seafield 2010.

I love you guys. You’re all great people, and will be great people.

Adieu. =)

Jia Yin, I had absolutely no idea why I picked you, but the chocolate bar actually meant alot. It was as if giving it to you completed the goodbye I was giving to the form 4s.

We’re not super close, I ain’t Bryan or anything=D But hey, see you round. =) I’ll remember you.

We only part to meet again.