2 11 2010

Read this knowing that by the time you read it, school’s over and this is the last time we’re seeing each other for a long time, before (for the Form 5s) the final stretch, SPM, and to the rest of my friends, until March, and after that, we might actually lose contact with each other.We may not care for us like we do now.

High school was a mixture of the worst and best things I ever had and experienced. Five years of the memories, the forever-ness of high school, it’s all coming down to this. We’re leaving as big fish, from the river to the sea.

It won’t be the same anymore, friends. We won’t share that closeness, the shit we’ve been through and laughed at later.

For some reason, we can’t just group together with the people we really like and just stay together. Someone would leave. Someone would always leave. Then goodbye again.

But guys, I’m so happy to have people like you that make goodbyes so fucking hard.

Best of luck to all of you, be well, do good work, keep in touch.

I dunno, maybe I’m just easing out the stress for SPM, but leaving school and you guys feels very… hurtful.

Only after prom did I realize that was one of the last farewells, the alumni of Seafield 2010.

I love you guys. You’re all great people, and will be great people.

Adieu. =)

Jia Yin, I had absolutely no idea why I picked you, but the chocolate bar actually meant alot. It was as if giving it to you completed the goodbye I was giving to the form 4s.

We’re not super close, I ain’t Bryan or anything=D But hey, see you round. =) I’ll remember you.

We only part to meet again.




5 responses

2 11 2010
Seng Kiat

I’m not good in putting my feelings into words, but that was well said.


3 11 2010

OH NICK ! dare you NOT to forget me ! HAHAHA (:

4 11 2010

accepted! =D

4 11 2010
Zach Siow

That dare is too easy! Nick, I DARE YOU to STAY IN TOUCH!

5 11 2010

i pray we all can pass that dare. =) truly.

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