Fire At Will.

30 11 2010

Because of you, I can’t write any contradicting or thought-provoking post, cause you’d get upset and stop me from writing it down. Even worse, you’d make me delete it.

Because of you, I don’t sneak onto the com for no apprent reason when the parents are out of the house.

Because of you, I never lost my temper, nor did I bitch about it on this page.

It’s because of you, I’m going through education.

I honestly never gave the tiniest shit about SPM, especially Moral. I worked my ass off, forcing myself to get those good results, thinking why I’m doing this.

Most of us know it: We’re all doing it for you.

I don’t need any of this to get rich. NONE.

But for you, I’m definitely gonna get the straight A’s, and go through the damn education system all over again in college.

I hate Moral. I hate Moral. I hate Moral. I hate it with all the hate I can gather in my tiny, lazy brain which seems to be causing so, so much trouble for my damn life.

You wanna know who you are?

You’re my conscience.




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