To Nobody In Particular

25 12 2010

So here I am, blogging from the Premier Lounge of KLIA Airport. When I think about that last sentence, since KLIA stands for Kuala Lumpur International Airport, my sentence came out as Kuala Lumpur International Airport Airport. Haha. Old age.

I’ll be leaving super soon, an eleven hour trip, and I’ll reach Italy by early morning, perhaps around four. Doesn’t match, right? The magic of the ever-spinning world. Seven hour difference earlier than Malaysia, folks.

I felt sad that I won’t be seeing any of you til next year at first. But hey. I know I love you guys. And that’s enough for me. To love someone’s the best thing next to having someone else loving you. And to love hundreds of people… That’s amazing. And that’s what I’m doing. You doing it, too? =)

Life’s new stage is coming up round the corner: A one week corner, beginning the moment that clock strikes twelve and the New Year fireworks kick in.

Guys, if any of you are gathering together to embrace 2011, I really, really wish I could be with you guys.

My sentences are getting shorter. There ain’t much to say anymore, anyway. =)

Oh! About the Penang trip, I had my doubts, but it turned out to be most fun. Highlight of the year. Sorry about my stomachache. :/ I’m better now! Sorry for worrying you guys too, especially Kelly, Jian and Jit Qi. And thanks for the rotten chendol. Haha.

This is my End Of The Year Post. My last post to bring a close to 2010. What a year.

What a year.

Please, don’t forget each other. Please, don’t lose each other.

Love you all. =)


At Peace.

14 12 2010

Pangkor Laut my Heaven on earth; beautiful sand, water, girls in bikinis, and a weather so perfect, it managed to ease the chaotic mess in my head. I’m gonna miss it really, really bad. Best beach holiday ever. At a price, though. A HUGE PRICE! Rm1000+ per person. But I gotta tell you, it’s damn worth it. One meal there costs Rm600. I stayed there for two nights. That’s about six meals. It’s really worth it. If my girl loves beaches, I found my honeymoon =)

I spent most of the time by myself. Just watching the world move by its leisurely, yet unnervingly fast pace. I also got freedom: something I have wanted since thirteen. I got to move around myself, and enjoy the beauty of it all. I was in a damn picture frame.

Truly a great holiday. Another motivation to be rich: So I could come here anytime.=)

I noticed people are naturally friendly. There were others with us during our time at the island, and it was all cool and all. Now I feel better, healed, like a heart with a nice steady heartbeat again. I’m ready for college.

See you round when I have something to say. Toodles. =)

I Love You.

9 12 2010

It’s over! It’s over =D

I’ll be having updates again!!

But it’s a bad end to SPM. Accounts… Wasn’t very pleasing. Like Ms.Pamela Teh says. “Heh”.

I’ll be back, ladies. Oh, and guys.

Love you readers. =)