At Peace.

14 12 2010

Pangkor Laut my Heaven on earth; beautiful sand, water, girls in bikinis, and a weather so perfect, it managed to ease the chaotic mess in my head. I’m gonna miss it really, really bad. Best beach holiday ever. At a price, though. A HUGE PRICE! Rm1000+ per person. But I gotta tell you, it’s damn worth it. One meal there costs Rm600. I stayed there for two nights. That’s about six meals. It’s really worth it. If my girl loves beaches, I found my honeymoon =)

I spent most of the time by myself. Just watching the world move by its leisurely, yet unnervingly fast pace. I also got freedom: something I have wanted since thirteen. I got to move around myself, and enjoy the beauty of it all. I was in a damn picture frame.

Truly a great holiday. Another motivation to be rich: So I could come here anytime.=)

I noticed people are naturally friendly. There were others with us during our time at the island, and it was all cool and all. Now I feel better, healed, like a heart with a nice steady heartbeat again. I’m ready for college.

See you round when I have something to say. Toodles. =)




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