A Typical Day As A Typical Blogger.

2 05 2011

Hmm, emo emo emo emo emo emo happy with friends emo emo emo. Today I had lunch. My lunch was bittergourd egg with rice. Teehee. :DDD

Bittergourd egg with rice. :DDD

Then I went shopping! SO fun with friends, but dunno what to buy. Too expensive. Oh well, got friends I feel very happy :DD

Come back, cry cry cry emo no friends emo. Emo cause bf/gf doesn’t understand/doesn’t know i like her/him/ doesn’t like me/just broke up.

P.s. Emo message.

P.s.s. Angry message to someone who indirectly bitched me and I’m 100% sure it’s about me when it actually isn’t.

P.s.s.s. Very mushy love message to her/him that readers read and start guessing who it is.




One response

2 05 2011
Chi Leng

Brilliant. 🙂 *golf clap*

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