Do You Honestly Get Where I’m Coming From?

8 05 2011

By the way, just to make sure my message is clear, the guy who sparked it all, the one who caused me to snap is called Damien Woo Win Kit. Know him or not, whatever. Just gonna stick it here.

(My conversation with a friend)

Do you truly get where I’m coming from? I wanna explain to you bit by bit. I’m a free thinker. I bet all the CF members or Christians I know know that by now. And I try my best to attend all the church events anyone invites me to, eventhough sometimes I just sit there like a dumb idiot while the guy who invited me goes off to find his friends.

And I listen. I listen every single time, about your views, your faith, and everything. Some even stick it in my face.

“God is good! Praise Him!”

“Without Him, life is pointless. Your life right now, is absolutely pointless.”

“Be with God, and you will not go to Hell!”

I’m not sick of it. I truly am not. I listen, I want to listen, I want to know. That’s not the problem.

It just fucking breaks my heart, when the people who stick it in my face and make me listen, won’t listen to anything else.

You know, all that the people in the video said was “Pre-marital sex is okay” (with some exceptions). They did not say: “Hey, I just fucked a girl, with a condom and all, she’s not pregnant. GO. FUCK.”

It’s not like we had sex. It’s just an opinion. And some douchebag (Beatbox something) commented “I bet that girl did it before. JUST SAYING.” with all the sarcasm a dumb bitch could muster.

And Shermaine or Emily (can’t remember) was agreeing, saying stuff like “Yeah, she talks like she’s so experienced.”

Do you know how disgusted you make me?

Do you know how sick it makes me feel? You, you and your faith, saying things like that?

No respect. For any views besides their own. That’s why I’m upset. To the point of anger. You anger me. My perceptions on you have altered.

You fucking break my heart.




16 responses

8 05 2011
Zach Siow

Christians are in the first place the more screwed up people, that’s why they go to church. The church is full of screwed up lives. They need grace more than anyone else, hence church. I know it’s hard, it hurts me too. They can be scary sometimes, just pray that God will reveal their obscure understandings. Please don’t give up on us 🙂

8 05 2011

i understand what you’re trying to do, and i agree with your view, but i don’t need an explanation from the people i have respect for and who respect others. if i want someone to explain, it’s the kind of “screwed up” people i mentioned in this post.

8 05 2011
Nick YB

I’m a Christian and I honestly have to say I agree with you. Heck they don’t just do that to you free thinkers man, I left church for awhile now coz I figured I needed some space. Yes, they were doing it to me too. Yes it is true that darkness devours the weak, but light can blind as well. And most of these people, claiming to be all holy, they are the ones who will blame God first when things go sour. I know how you feel, you ain’t alone man.

8 05 2011

glad you understand. 🙂

8 05 2011
Audrey Chew

hey nicky 🙂 Christians can be hypocrites too, I know a good few and we’re human too. Generalising is a common thing and I’m sorry if it caused any misunderstandings or fights :S But don’t think that everyone’s like that kay :)? Good blogpost, it showed opinions from different perspectives

8 05 2011

No worries 🙂

9 05 2011

u really do mean the “few days” part, lol

shermaine facebook chat me right after that

9 05 2011

few days part? ._.

9 05 2011
Emily Chan

The Emily mentioned there isn’t me right? I don’t rmb saying anything like that. HAHA. Anyway, know that what they did say doesn’t reflect a Christ-like view at all. That was merely a poor, judgemental blast which should not have even crossed their minds. Even if anyone had premarital sex, we shouldn’t be treating them any different. What they said shocked me no less at all, but like Audrey said, know that they don’t represent Christ’s view on the matter at all k? 🙂 Great post, Nick.

Ohh, looking forward to going for David Choi with you the rest! HAHA :D:D

9 05 2011

Nah, Emily Choong. You’re not like that. xD Yeah, I get you. I will not stereotype. That’s what they did. 🙂

And yesh, see you there 😀 But if I can find VIP tix, I’m gonna buy >:)

9 05 2011
Jeremy Ong

Nick, I tell you something, I may be Christian, but I myself need saving. I go to church not because its a thing for me (I’m sure you know that hahah) Its because I myself need saving, and to be more Christ-like. We Christians ourselves are fallen people. We are not “special” or the “superior” ones. We never were. We are just merely saved by this grace that we never deserved in the first place. If God didn’t come down to give us Jesus Christ, He would have chosen to destroy it thousands of years ago :/

9 05 2011

mmhmm, okay. 🙂

9 05 2011
Marcus Pee

I just rad this post. geddit? rad. HAHA.
ok I see now the prob. I didnt see those comments on those vids. :O
oh well. Glad to see this post. in a way. or two. 😀
aku takkan preach engkau kerana you mau, you ikut saya pegi church punya. hahaha

9 05 2011

I kinda forgot how to use bm. :/ Took me awhile to register what you said haha. I’ll say sorry about the profanity. Was a bit emotional. 🙂

18 05 2011
Aiden Tan

…man, if I were in your position…Damien would be a sorry stain on the ground 😉

18 05 2011

You know I could kill him with words if I wanted to. 😀 This is like, 10% percent of what I had in mind. But there’re alot of people reading this. I can’t risk those people reading the kind of trolling we do. 🙂

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