beginning to…

1 06 2011

I used to be an emo lil thing. I would never be fully satisfied with myself, my hair, my pimples, and most of all, my skills.

I started guitar when I was a kid in Form 1. Seeing people like Justin and Shaun play made me wanna quit. And I did. I loved singing and joined the choir. Everyone there was great. My voice was cracking. I never reached the notes the other tenors could reach, and I lost my voice almost every Friday after practice.

I learned to speak in front of a crowd from Standard 2. A nerve-wrecking experience that made me pee in my pants. Not literally, but yeah, I could feel my urethra quivering.

I had my first girlfriend, and I was jealous all the time, didn’t give her breathing space, and she loved me still.

I jumped off a ten-foot wall. The gravity hit my balls hard, and I writhed in agony.

Everything’s got a beginning. Everyone was a beginner before.

I pretty much believe, now, that whatever I’m learning, however stupid I look, I’ll know I’m a beginner. Beginners are allowed to fail. To be a master, you gotta be a beginner.

“You’re a beginner when it comes to being you every new day, you’re a beginner all the time.” -Jason Mraz.


I am a beginner.




2 responses

9 06 2011
Zach Siow

this is bloody motivating 🙂 since young i’ve always quit because of all that. hence i never achieved great things before. thanks thanks!

9 06 2011

no prob man. sharing the experience, that’s how we all learn 😀

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