give and not receive.

21 07 2011


I’ve talked to all sorts of people. Listened to tons of them too. Random people who flit through my life like days in a year. They come and go with some memories, but get forgotten in the big picture.

Most of the time, I listened. There were a multitude of people: Good friends, cousins, hi-bye friends, crushes, and sometimes, deranged people. They always had something to say. Not meaning to be self-praising, but I’m a great listener. People tend to tell me things; their problems, their achievements, hopes, sometimes just small things that happened in a day in their life. I even met suicidal people, debating with me if they should try cutting themselves to see if it relieves their pain. Most of the time, they get the answers themselves.

From experience (and many nods of agreement) I realized that when people come to you to talk, they actually just want to be listened to. Think about it, when someone tells you they just broke up, what do you say to him?

“Hey, I’m sorry for you. You need to get over her and move on with life.”

Really, are you sure he/she doesn’t know that? Pretty damn obvious, don’t you think? Heck, it’s advice any idiot could give, it means nothing at all. There’s no value to the advice.

People just need a listening ear, someone who’s actually interested in what they have to say, instead of shutting them up and telling them it’s wrong to think that way.

And I feel happy that they feel happy. I feel really glad when they say “Thanks. You’re a great listener. I honestly feel better after that talk.”

All you need’s a pair of ears, eye contact, and sincere interest in their topics. It’s pretty damn simple. And voila, you cheer another person up.

…And now, I actually come to the whole point of me writing this post, besides being a piece of advice to anyone reading this. Cause as a human, I’ve got my problems too. But there’s no one who listens. They just get annoyed or cut me off halfway.

I wish I had someone to listen to me too.




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