15 06 2011

… I wonder why I bother to be happy.




Then I look at this pic and I think, “Oh.”


Love you. 🙂


Relapse II.

30 04 2011

All things limitless. Wise men always say the river runs one way: down. And we’ll have to follow it, just like the sands of time. But thanks to modern technology, we can go upstream as well, without any extra toil on our part. Using that as my excuse, I’d like to welcome myself back to WordPress. My readers probably don’t drop by anymore, but I shall carry on posting, with the hope this page’ll be frequented more often again! 🙂

I gotta get my skills back again: Photography, writing, music, cooking.

I gotta learn new skills: Parkour, magic, Italian, Japanese.

Resolution set! This blog is alive! What more can I ask for? 🙂

At Peace.

14 12 2010

Pangkor Laut my Heaven on earth; beautiful sand, water, girls in bikinis, and a weather so perfect, it managed to ease the chaotic mess in my head. I’m gonna miss it really, really bad. Best beach holiday ever. At a price, though. A HUGE PRICE! Rm1000+ per person. But I gotta tell you, it’s damn worth it. One meal there costs Rm600. I stayed there for two nights. That’s about six meals. It’s really worth it. If my girl loves beaches, I found my honeymoon =)

I spent most of the time by myself. Just watching the world move by its leisurely, yet unnervingly fast pace. I also got freedom: something I have wanted since thirteen. I got to move around myself, and enjoy the beauty of it all. I was in a damn picture frame.

Truly a great holiday. Another motivation to be rich: So I could come here anytime.=)

I noticed people are naturally friendly. There were others with us during our time at the island, and it was all cool and all. Now I feel better, healed, like a heart with a nice steady heartbeat again. I’m ready for college.

See you round when I have something to say. Toodles. =)

The Concepts Of Total Internal Reflection, And The New Blogger.

10 10 2010

It’s frustrating that Zach Siow precedes me in doing things very simple yet beautiful. He’s a great guy. Great ideas, too. =)

So, I brought another machine along with me besides the MP3 on my daily jog: My Olympus Digital Camera.

There’re plenty of beautiful things around here. It’s just great, though my mind usually blanks out when I jog, so I can’t relate them to life.

Remember this? We sat around here for New Year’s Eve, whoever was there. =)


I also attempted to test the underwater abilities of my camera. Kinda hard to aim, cause when it’s underwater, the camera lens tended to internally reflect.

The upped side’s actually the surface of the water, folks! =D



Sleepiest days of my life lately. Wish something new would happen. Quality check for prom performers were cancelled. Upside, a businaess company hired myband to perform. :/ That’s weird. We’re not even famous enough.

Lastly, I’d like to welcome Lim Jit Qi to the blogosphere. =) It’s really good that we don’t get those typical Chinese blogs around here anymore! It’s turning into something more… Artsy. Quote Chi Leng. =)

Hope it doesn’t look like a eulogy or something. :/


P.s. Anyone feeling lonely? =)

Will I…?

2 07 2010

What happened to simplicity?

I work to learn, and change constantly to adapt to this ever-dying world.

Pain, pressure, suffocation, and sadness. Sorrow, regret, anger, and greed.

I feel all this. I will lose. I will die. Why bother?

But the beauty I see in this Earth enthralls. It pulls me closer. And behind every soot-stained building, a sunrise awaits.

Love for my family. Love for music. Love for that special one. Love for all things beautiful.

Love for life.

Return After Yesterday(Dear Tomorrow)

29 05 2010

Coastals of Malaysia's Curves.

I’m coming back. For real. Please keep on reading this blog, guys. =)

Five days.