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26 07 2011

surrounded by so many people,yet feeling so alone.When you realise your best friend is not available anymore to you,what do you do? 

So Farhan really just hit spot on what my college life is: A very very simple summary that explains it all. And it kinda relates to the post below, too (sorry for being so disgruntled lately!)

Ever since I climbed up another rung up the “HUMONGOUS LADDER TO SUCCESS THAT YOU MUST COMPLETE OR YOU’LL DIE IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD because your parents said sointo college, I had a positive outlook on my life.


The subjects were so understandable, I loved (love) business, and I can’t wait to set up my own company to invest and be a millionaire by next Friday so I can brag about it to my girlfriend (who incidentally loves business too. I think.) No more Sejarah (sort of), no more Moral (sort of, well, at least they’re not compulsory no more) and no more Sciences (never really had a scientific head).

I also am proud to say I’m learning alot more stuff than just academics. Event-organising, leading, there’re so many things I can practice now I’m here. I learned to keep a cool head (lost it at the end of my event though), and other stuff besides.

Problem is, I don’t have any friends anymore.

College people just aren’t the friends I could really click with. Possibly cause I only knew them for six months, but… Damn, they’re not really friends. Backstabbing bitches, they are. Lifeless people, they are. Horrible listeners, they are.

It’s not like high school anymore, and I know this is the transition, but honestly, aren’t people supposed to grow up as they approach 18?


Man, there’s no one you can talk to, they’re all immersed in a pool of “Me”.

I love studying more than hanging out. It’s really that bad.





15 06 2011

… I wonder why I bother to be happy.




Then I look at this pic and I think, “Oh.”


Love you. 🙂


3 06 2011

私は彼を嫌いではありません。彼は友人だった。あまりにも良い友人。しかし、今、私は彼の顔を見てうんざり。見ているだけは、私は彼が何をしたかを考えることができます。 “あなたの夢を見て、あなたの考える”。 “ブラッシュ、かわいい音が…あなたをそらすためにしたくない。”とか、他の。吐き気病気。







Do You Honestly Get Where I’m Coming From?

8 05 2011

By the way, just to make sure my message is clear, the guy who sparked it all, the one who caused me to snap is called Damien Woo Win Kit. Know him or not, whatever. Just gonna stick it here.

(My conversation with a friend)

Do you truly get where I’m coming from? I wanna explain to you bit by bit. I’m a free thinker. I bet all the CF members or Christians I know know that by now. And I try my best to attend all the church events anyone invites me to, eventhough sometimes I just sit there like a dumb idiot while the guy who invited me goes off to find his friends.

And I listen. I listen every single time, about your views, your faith, and everything. Some even stick it in my face.

“God is good! Praise Him!”

“Without Him, life is pointless. Your life right now, is absolutely pointless.”

“Be with God, and you will not go to Hell!”

I’m not sick of it. I truly am not. I listen, I want to listen, I want to know. That’s not the problem.

It just fucking breaks my heart, when the people who stick it in my face and make me listen, won’t listen to anything else.

You know, all that the people in the video said was “Pre-marital sex is okay” (with some exceptions). They did not say: “Hey, I just fucked a girl, with a condom and all, she’s not pregnant. GO. FUCK.”

It’s not like we had sex. It’s just an opinion. And some douchebag (Beatbox something) commented “I bet that girl did it before. JUST SAYING.” with all the sarcasm a dumb bitch could muster.

And Shermaine or Emily (can’t remember) was agreeing, saying stuff like “Yeah, she talks like she’s so experienced.”

Do you know how disgusted you make me?

Do you know how sick it makes me feel? You, you and your faith, saying things like that?

No respect. For any views besides their own. That’s why I’m upset. To the point of anger. You anger me. My perceptions on you have altered.

You fucking break my heart.

Fire At Will.

30 11 2010

Because of you, I can’t write any contradicting or thought-provoking post, cause you’d get upset and stop me from writing it down. Even worse, you’d make me delete it.

Because of you, I don’t sneak onto the com for no apprent reason when the parents are out of the house.

Because of you, I never lost my temper, nor did I bitch about it on this page.

It’s because of you, I’m going through education.

I honestly never gave the tiniest shit about SPM, especially Moral. I worked my ass off, forcing myself to get those good results, thinking why I’m doing this.

Most of us know it: We’re all doing it for you.

I don’t need any of this to get rich. NONE.

But for you, I’m definitely gonna get the straight A’s, and go through the damn education system all over again in college.

I hate Moral. I hate Moral. I hate Moral. I hate it with all the hate I can gather in my tiny, lazy brain which seems to be causing so, so much trouble for my damn life.

You wanna know who you are?

You’re my conscience.

Your Religion Says…

26 09 2010

I am utterly disgusted. He’s a failure. He’s chasing something he can’t reach. The only way to save him is by telling him he can’t do it, or at least tell him to seek professional help.

Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. All religions have a basis: Don’t lie.

What are you guys doing?

So So Sorry.

14 07 2010

I hate it, but I’m going through another damn Internet bust. From now on, I condemn and boycott Izzy Internet Broadband. Anyone reading this, Izzy sucks. Really. They even asked us when we’re gonna cut our broadband, cause they’re busy.

Screw it.

Well, it won’t hurt to cut internet awhile. Blogging from Papa Rich. =)

Stay reading, readers. Thanks alot =D