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26 07 2011

surrounded by so many people,yet feeling so alone.When you realise your best friend is not available anymore to you,what do you do? 

So Farhan really just hit spot on what my college life is: A very very simple summary that explains it all. And it kinda relates to the post below, too (sorry for being so disgruntled lately!)

Ever since I climbed up another rung up the “HUMONGOUS LADDER TO SUCCESS THAT YOU MUST COMPLETE OR YOU’LL DIE IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD because your parents said sointo college, I had a positive outlook on my life.


The subjects were so understandable, I loved (love) business, and I can’t wait to set up my own company to invest and be a millionaire by next Friday so I can brag about it to my girlfriend (who incidentally loves business too. I think.) No more Sejarah (sort of), no more Moral (sort of, well, at least they’re not compulsory no more) and no more Sciences (never really had a scientific head).

I also am proud to say I’m learning alot more stuff than just academics. Event-organising, leading, there’re so many things I can practice now I’m here. I learned to keep a cool head (lost it at the end of my event though), and other stuff besides.

Problem is, I don’t have any friends anymore.

College people just aren’t the friends I could really click with. Possibly cause I only knew them for six months, but… Damn, they’re not really friends. Backstabbing bitches, they are. Lifeless people, they are. Horrible listeners, they are.

It’s not like high school anymore, and I know this is the transition, but honestly, aren’t people supposed to grow up as they approach 18?


Man, there’s no one you can talk to, they’re all immersed in a pool of “Me”.

I love studying more than hanging out. It’s really that bad.





15 06 2011

… I wonder why I bother to be happy.




Then I look at this pic and I think, “Oh.”


Love you. ūüôā

well all these things…

12 05 2011
That’s why I kinda like circles.


15 10 2010

He watched her dissolve gently in her tears. She never did that. She always had that solid shield that oozed confidence, and cold indifference, protecting her from any unwanted company. But he knew there was something wrong even before she cried.

Unsure of what to do, he awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into what he hoped was a warm, comforting embrace. In response, he felt her hands gripping the sleeves of his jacket. She started sobbing softly, a horribly saddening sound, inducing unknown sorrow in him.

Gritting his teeth, he held her tighter.

What was wrong?


6 09 2010

So I’m all alone at home, and the clouds outside are getting dark with rain. Just finished cooking up lunch three hours ago, leisurely stroking Nat with my feet as she groans and sniffles.

In school, I enjoy spending time with friends and all, so the more active part of me gets satisfied. At home, when my parents are out, the quiet side gets a fill. It’s necessary for every human, I believe. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; sipping drinks with a good friend, sitting on a field after tending to work, or typing down how it feels like on a blog(yours truly).

I want more of this. It’s so calming.

Ace Farewell. Yes, I need to blog about The Party, The Teacher(Anne), and The Class(Thursday 8-10pm).

Yesterday was a great night, and my first ever time Emcee-ing. Gosh D:

Love it.

See you guys round. =)

P.s. I owe you guys a food post. Should I do my version of Garlic Fried Rice, or just plain and simple take away; DURIAN?! =D


He couldn’t help staring. She was daring enough to wear a shoulder-exposing getup. The exposed, smooth, tanned skin kept him distracted for awhile. The rest of her features were just perfect, as usual, whether she was at the lecture hall, or a fine-dining restaurant. The shoulders were terribly captivating, as she cocked her head to one side, making her collarbone look more pronounced.

Daiemn, thought Nick.

Horror House.

29 05 2010

Shaun walked around the funfair. This was his first time, and these things really didn’t click with him. But, he did want to avoid studying Chemistry all night again. He plucked a brochure from the Info Tent and surveyed the map. Apparently, there was an amazingly horrying horror house- “Drives even the oldest woman nuts!” Feeling that the day wasn’t a total waste after all, Shaun set off.

He stared at the sign above. Originally, it must have spelt HORROR HOUSE, in glowing neon lights.

Unfortunately, the lights for the last three letters of HORROR were gone, and some thug sprayed a “W” in front of HORROR.


Shaun looked at the brochure. Then he looked up again.

“This ain’t right.”

P.s.: There you go, buddy. Enjoy Langkawi. =)

Love Story.

20 03 2010

He was a guard, a trainee soldier. She was a princess. And that was all that made them unable to be together intimately. Alyss kept this picture of Dodge beside her bed and looked at it everyday. It was a picture of a seven-year-old Dodge kissing baby Alyss on her cheek. It embarrassed Dodge as a soldier, so Alyss teased him by showing it to him often. Six years later, their relationship matured.

He waited in the playroom, and Alyss entered, breathless from the tea party. It was her birthday, and the tea party was amazingly huge.

She had wondered why Dodge had been absent throughout the whole morning. It seemed he was here waiting all along.

“Why weren’t you there with me?” she pouted, hands on her waist. Dodge bowed.
“I refuse to forget that you are a princess, and a soldier would seem awkwardly placed beside her, Princess.”
“Don’t call me that. It’s Alyss,” she said.
“Yes, Princess.” A small smile curved his lips. Alyss glared at him. She looked around. “Are you having any military exercises lately?”

“None lately.”
“Then I have a new exercise for you. We’re at a tea party. There’s food and music, and you pull me in to dance.” She held out her hand. The magical Music Flower, perking up at the word ‘dance’, started playing the sweetest music ever.

Dodge hesitated. His father would kill him. But…

Dodge pulled her close and put his hand on her waist, and slowly moved around the room. The background music played softly. She was so close to him. He could feel her breath on his cheek. He smelled the scent, a soothing, light scent of flowers. Did all girls have this scent, or just her?

Dodge made a weak attempt to pull away. “This isn’t a military exercise.” It was so tempting. The feel of her slender waist under his skin was crazy.

“Just listen. As we dance, dark shadows appear. It’s an ambush. Will you protect me?”
“You know I will, Alyss.” He didn’t want to pull away, but he did, brandishing his sword, slashing at the imaginary¬†darkness around.

“You plunge your sword into the heart of evil darkness, and it disappears.” Dodge made a show as he stabbed into the air, pausing for effect.

“They’re gone,” narrated Alyss. “But I’m shaken by what happened.” She looked at Dodge. He was so… everything. “You take me in your arms to soothe me.”

This time there was no hesitation. Dodge held her tight, then looked at her. Gradually, they started dancing again. His arms were around her back, her head on his chest. They were so young. It was such a sweet feeling.

“Will you be my king, Dodge?”
“If it’s your wish, Princess.” They closed in on each other, their breathing becoming heavier.

“Dodge! Patrol the corridors for me, will you?” Dodge pulled away, staring at the source of his father, Sir Justice’s voice.

“Yes, sir!” He looked at Alyss one more time, then left hurriedly.

Alyss smiled. That was her Dodge.

P.s. Thanks, Jian.