some quotes just strike up the inspiration in me

26 07 2011

surrounded by so many people,yet feeling so alone.When you realise your best friend is not available anymore to you,what do you do? 

So Farhan really just hit spot on what my college life is: A very very simple summary that explains it all. And it kinda relates to the post below, too (sorry for being so disgruntled lately!)

Ever since I climbed up another rung up the “HUMONGOUS LADDER TO SUCCESS THAT YOU MUST COMPLETE OR YOU’LL DIE IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD because your parents said sointo college, I had a positive outlook on my life.


The subjects were so understandable, I loved (love) business, and I can’t wait to set up my own company to invest and be a millionaire by next Friday so I can brag about it to my girlfriend (who incidentally loves business too. I think.) No more Sejarah (sort of), no more Moral (sort of, well, at least they’re not compulsory no more) and no more Sciences (never really had a scientific head).

I also am proud to say I’m learning alot more stuff than just academics. Event-organising, leading, there’re so many things I can practice now I’m here. I learned to keep a cool head (lost it at the end of my event though), and other stuff besides.

Problem is, I don’t have any friends anymore.

College people just aren’t the friends I could really click with. Possibly cause I only knew them for six months, but… Damn, they’re not really friends. Backstabbing bitches, they are. Lifeless people, they are. Horrible listeners, they are.

It’s not like high school anymore, and I know this is the transition, but honestly, aren’t people supposed to grow up as they approach 18?


Man, there’s no one you can talk to, they’re all immersed in a pool of “Me”.

I love studying more than hanging out. It’s really that bad.




no time

25 05 2011

No time to blog! Exams are coming! Must get straight A’s! Ergo, I’ve got no time for a nice long diary post. So I’ll resort to some skills learned from Tumblr, to make up for a thousand words using a picture. Doesn’t work as well, but it pretty much sums up my status right now. Love you guys.

Reblog if you like. :p

P.s.: I wanna love you long time.

A Birthday Before Slaughter.

21 11 2010

Went for a last dinner with an odd arrangement of friends(on purpose). Turned out to be a great night, and exactly what I wanted: a quiet dinner with people I didn’t spend enough time with, and people I could just talk to forever, and when we shut up, we don’t feel awkward at all.

Mom helpfully reminded me about how I invited William to the first birthday party with a Seafield friend back in Form 1. We go a long way back, ex-librarian. Thanks for coming. =)

I sorely regret not spending time to get to know you in 4Budi, Ken Ric. Great guy, who always seemed so guilty when he replies those Japanese translations late. We won’t be forgetting each other, no sir. =)

Enjoy Genting, Mr. Loh. =) Penang ain’t such a big occasion, eh?

I want you to know, Zach, that your blog influenced alot of my life. It cut back thirty minutes of my time daily just to scroll down those posts. And you’re different, somewhat unusual. You have a strength, something you could potentially be best at, but I’ll leave it to you. Discovery’s the important part of it all. Thanks for joining us, buddy.


I had a very, very happy birthday. =)

I think this marks the end of high school. I berate myself for not treasuring it, and growing up to appreciate it only after PMR. Time plays tricks on us all.

I love you all, especially the form 5s. Whoever’s reading this.

See ya. =)

 I am afraid.


7 11 2010

So I managed to scrounge some time to manage this blog, although life’s taken on a monotonous tone. It’ll be over soon, though.

My dog’s been great company, always sniffing the window, an obvious sign that she wants me to put her on the study table. =)

Family’s there to support, as well as friends. Thanks, everyone. =)

And someday, we’ll all see each other for another last time. Looking forward to that day, people.

For now, I don’t have many problems. Just bored. Any suggestion to spice life a bit? =D

I Need…

11 10 2010

From now on, I’m gonna write more, less pictures. This ain’t Photobucket.

Cheers. =)

Great guy.

The Concepts Of Total Internal Reflection, And The New Blogger.

10 10 2010

It’s frustrating that Zach Siow precedes me in doing things very simple yet beautiful. He’s a great guy. Great ideas, too. =)

So, I brought another machine along with me besides the MP3 on my daily jog: My Olympus Digital Camera.

There’re plenty of beautiful things around here. It’s just great, though my mind usually blanks out when I jog, so I can’t relate them to life.

Remember this? We sat around here for New Year’s Eve, whoever was there. =)


I also attempted to test the underwater abilities of my camera. Kinda hard to aim, cause when it’s underwater, the camera lens tended to internally reflect.

The upped side’s actually the surface of the water, folks! =D



Sleepiest days of my life lately. Wish something new would happen. Quality check for prom performers were cancelled. Upside, a businaess company hired myband to perform. :/ That’s weird. We’re not even famous enough.

Lastly, I’d like to welcome Lim Jit Qi to the blogosphere. =) It’s really good that we don’t get those typical Chinese blogs around here anymore! It’s turning into something more… Artsy. Quote Chi Leng. =)

Hope it doesn’t look like a eulogy or something. :/


P.s. Anyone feeling lonely? =)

Taking Time Off.

2 10 2010

We took time off to celebrate Shing Yin’s birthday!

Had a more or less great time thinking up stuff to scribble on the stone I was about to present to her.

Original Canon Lens.

Tamron Super Zoom Lens.

I realized the Super Zoom can’t do close ups at all. So had to switch to Original to get a pic of the stone.



Happy birthday, Princess. =)