what you cannot see is fucked up.

16 10 2012

what you cannot see is fucked up..



20 10 2011

Hey guys. I have officially moved my blog to




That’s the exactly the same, but switch wordpress with blogspot 🙂

And I also created a blogshop selling various items:



Do support, and for you faithful readers, keep on reading the blogspot! I promise frequent updates. Thanks : )

13 10 2011

i’m back!

Claire =D

19 11 2010

CG170 Valencia

3.5-4 star rating

Natural color

Round sound

High notes strong

19 frets

Market price Rm400

That scratch on the bottom doesn’t exist. Light illusion, dunno why it’s there. :/

Thanks alot =)


16 09 2010

I am currently blogging away using Maxis Broadband, an extremely slow Internet broadband that renders photo-uploading impossible. Thus, I’m gonna have to stop blogging awhile.

Parents signed up for something called Unify, or Uni5, I dunno. Apparently it’s astonishingly fast, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :/

It’s coming on Monday! =D See you guys then. Expect a post on Monday, if my mom goes out with her friends. Teehee.

Great Regret

6 06 2010

It’s real unfortunate that the moment I vowed to continue blogging, my Internet got busted. Damn…
Anyway, the exams are over, and so are the study periods, but I’m already bored of the holidays. Unless we get together to jam once a day on the second week of hols, I’ll probably bleed boredom.

As for the first week, I’ll be part of the staff group of Camp Yuber ’10. The number 1 leadership camp of the world. Probably number 12 in our universe.

Which brings us to the end of this short miserable post, for my phone definitely ain’t got enough credit for a long one.

Prefect dinner was a blast, considering we’re a bunch of “Law Abiding Citizens”.

Off The Railroad.

4 04 2010

Railroad at Taiping, Perak.

I nearly got off track in my life, brooding about garbage like dates and angsty typicality. Pretty soon I got really awkward around people and all. So now I’m back. Whew. And I realized just how useful a timetable is at home as well as school (maybe in school not so).

Sorry for not updating. Anyway, with limited online time, I barely manage one post a week. Hopefully ye faithful readers come back for more =)

I had my first practice session with a group of friends aiming to give a blast to Leo IU, and they’re pretty much a nice group to music around with. I think (pray) we can make it through the auditions. Just three practice sessions. Kinda stressful. Sigh…

Missing Kenneth definitely ain’t our band name. We need a real one!

Keep Growing.