this is an abozzo.

16 05 2011

If I remember correctly, ‘abozzo’ means a rough, preliminary sketch. Which is really what my blog’s about, really. I don’t think I have any drafts. I just write, and spit. I bet alot of bloggers are like that. šŸ˜€

So, I’m pretty much on the right track. As rusted as my uncle’s car, but going strong. Studying’s fun (which is all my mom could ever ask for), got great new friends, great old friends, and I’m on the way to finding my college love.

That makes me pretty content and satisfied, and even relieved. To know that I wasn’t doing well in school just cause I was too arrogant to understand the teaching methods of high school teachers. In college, it’s a whole different ball game.

And the stress is healthy. Helps me keep going, keep learning. And other bullshit!!

I’m as ready to spring forward another few steps like a cat.

Could life get any better than this? *smiles happily

…Actually, it could.




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